Blooket FAQ

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FAQ's For Blooket Game

  • How do I assign a set of questions as homework for students to do on their own?

    Find a question set in the Explore tab or create one in the Create tab, then choose it, and view it in your Dashboard. Choose Tower of Doom, Factory, Crazy Kingdom, Tower Defense, or Café mode by clicking Host on this question set (these modes currently have homework options). After that, simply click Assign HW.   It will also provide you with a URL that students may use to access the game at their convenience. They don’t need to create an account, they only need to click the link.

  • How to share a set of question for a teacher, which I have created?

    Locate the set you want to share on your dashboard by navigating there. Click Gear/Cog icon to the right of the trash can by clicking or hovering over it. When this occurs, a few buttons need to appear above it. Maybe one of them says Link. If so, select the Link button, and the URL will be copied for sharing. The privacy option for your set must be changed to Public by clicking Edit Info after clicking the pencil symbol to modify the set if the Link button does not display.

  • How to play and how do I host a game?

    Find a question set in the Explore tab or create one in the Create tab, then choose it, and view it in your Dashboard. To choose a game mode, click Host on this question set. After that, it will guide you through the creation of a game. After doing this, you will receive a Game ID that you may provide other students so they can play the game with you!

  • On the stats page, how do I change my profile Blook/banner/title?

    You may select a different alternative by just clicking on the Blook, banner, or title that you wish to modify. In the market, new Blooks, banners, and titles can be unlock.

  • For playing blooket, do student need a account?

    Not needed! A teacher-specific account is required. Any student can join a game you host by using the Game ID and not checking in. The opportunity to unlock new Blooks and keep track of their stats will only be available to students who do register accounts.

  • How can I troubleshoot debug connection issues?

    Run the official debugger at before attempting anything else.
    By doing this, you can ensure that all graphics load and that no crucial services for the live games are being blocked.

  • Why my The images/Blooks aren't showing up?

    With school networks and devices provided by the school, this is frequently a problem. Getting someone who can alter the school network to unblock and is all that is necessary to get the photos to appear. Blooket photographs are sent through these two services, thus if they are blocked, the images won’t load.

  • Why I can't login/join a game/host a game?

    Many factors can lead to these errors. The most important one is that a Chrome Extension, such as an AdBlocker or other service, is preventing access to certain of the website’s features. Despite the fact that we don’t run advertising, they can nevertheless affect how some website features work. Second, check out is unblocked on your device if you’re still unable to host or join a game. You might not be able to use some portions of the site if there is a firewall restricting it since we use this site as part of our backend (however, this will not affect your ability to log in).

  • Is blooket free to play and use?

    Yes! We provide free access to all of our key features! With the exception of the Racing and team modes, you may generate an infinite number of question sets and host a game for up to 60 players (or 300 for Plus members). Upgrade at if you do want some more features to improve your Blooket experience.

  • I have another question, how can I get help from official website of blooket?

    The best way to get in touch is to email us at [email protected].

  • How do I avoid blooket bot spam?
    • Do not publish game codes online; only provide them to your pupils. As a result, no illegal players will be able to join your game and perhaps spam it.
    • When the game is being played, keep an eye on it. In order to spot any unusual activity, teachers can monitor the class accuracy from the History section on the Dashboard.
    • Promote sportsmanship and fair play. The value of playing by the rules and adhering to them can be emphasised by teachers.
    • To get rid of any troublemakers, use the “Kick” option. Teachers can kick out problematic players from the game using the Kick function.
    • Never flood games with blooket bots or bot hack. Not only does using these tools violate Blooket’s terms of service, but it can also ruin the gameplay for other users.