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How To Get Chroma In Blooket? Do you want to make your Blooket designs more colorful and bright? Chroma is a cool feature in Blooket that can help. It will make your art look amazing and different from the rest. It also makes it easier to be creative with any project. In this post, you will learn how to get Chroma in Blooket.

Chromas are unique color variations that can be applied to your avatar, and they are highly sought after by Blooket players. Chromas are the second highest rarity of blooks, and require a huge amount of dedication and grinding in order to obtain.

How To Get Chroma In Blooket For Free

How To Get Chroma In Blooket For Free

Chromas are colors that you can add to your Blooket avatar. They come in different colors and a lot of people want them. That is because if you have a chroma, it means that you have done something special in the game or reached a certain level of success. So, having one shows others how good you are at playing the blooket game.

Let’s now discuss how to get chroma in Blooket. We will go over each of the several ways to obtain chromas below:


In Blooket, If you want to know how to get chroma in blooket then you can get special colors by completing achievements. To see the available achievements, click on the trophy icon and choose the “Achievements” tab. You will see a list of all the achievements and what color you get for each one.

Some are easy to complete, but some will take a bit more work and effort. With hard work though, you can do them all!


In Blooket, you can go to events to get chromas. To do this, click on the “Events” tab in the main menu. Then pick an event you want to join. Follow all of the instructions and rules for that event and you will get a chroma as a reward.


If you have extra chromas or want a special one, you can trade with other players. This is a great way to get the chromas that you want without doing achievements or taking part in events. You can also get Elusive Rainbow Panda Blook for free.

Find someone who has the chroma that you want and offer them one of your own. You should make sure it’s a fair trade because different chromas are worth different amounts.

Use the Chroma Code

Learn how to get chroma in blooket, Chroma codes are special numbers that you can use to get chroma in your Blooket game. You can find them on websites like Facebook and Instagram. To use the code, go to your game settings and type it in. Then the chroma will be added.

Play Chroma-enabled Games

How To Get Chroma In Blooket – Some Blooket games already have colors. If you want to play with colors, choose one of these games. You don’t need to do anything extra – the colors will be there for you and you can start playing right away.

Purchase the Chroma Pack

If you want to make your Blooket games even more fun, buy the Chroma Pack. It gives you access to different colors and effects. This is a great choice if you really like playing Blooket.

Create Your Own Chroma Effects

If you are creative, you can make your own “chroma effects” in Blooket. You will need to know some computer code, but it can be a fun project. By making your own chroma effects, you can make your Blooket game more special and different from others.

How do you get chroma

How do you get chroma

Chroma is a special feature in Blooket that makes the game more fun and exciting. To know how to get chroma in blooket, you need a chroma key. You can get one by participating in events or buying it from the Blooket shop. When you have the key, you can unlock a special color for your avatar and weapon skins.

This not only looks cool, but tells other players that you are an active player. Look out for events and save coins to get your own chroma key so you can join the colorful world of Blooket.

How many coins do you need to get a chroma in Blooket?

How many coins do you need to get a chroma in Blooket?

Do you want to know How To Get Chroma In Blooket? Chromas are rare and make your character stand out. The cost of the chromas will depend on which one you choose.

Most of them cost between 2,500 and 10,000 coins, but some can be more expensive – up to 15,000 coins. Start saving up those coins so you can get the chroma that catches your eye.

How much does a chroma cost in Blooket?

How much does a chroma cost in Blooket?

If you know how to get chroma in blooket and like playing the game, you might want to buy a chroma for your avatar. It won’t cost too much money! A chroma currently costs 1,000 Blooket coins. That may sound like a lot, but if you keep playing and doing challenges, you can earn coins quickly.

Plus, it will make your avatar look cooler and stand out from the rest of the players. So go ahead and buy yourself a chroma – it won’t be expensive.

What packs have chromas in blooket?

What packs have chromas in blooket?

If you want to change up your Blooket games, you can try the different packs that come with chromas. Chromas are special colors for your characters or avatars. You can find these in the Space Pack, Jungle Pack, Fantasy Pack and Ocean Pack.

These packs let you make your game look different than other players’. Check out the chromas and see which one is perfect for you!

List of available chromas in blooket

List of available chromas in blooket

If you’re a frequent Blooket player or just starting out, you may be curious about the different chromas available in the game. Chromas are essentially different color schemes or themes that you can use to personalize your Blooks (which are like avatars or game pieces) and the game board.

Here are the list of chromas which are available in blooket (How To Get Chroma In Blooket)

  • Lime Astronaut Blook
  • Tropical Globe Blook
  • Frost Wreath Blook
  • Lucky Frog Blook
  • Lovely Frog Blook.
  • Spooky Mummy Blook
  • Master Elf Blook
  • Tiger Zebra Blook
  • White Peacock Blook.
  • Cyan Astronaut Blook.
  • Agent Owl Blook
  • Rainbow Panda Blook
  • Red Astronaut Blook
  • Brown Astronaut Blook
  • Black Astronaut Blook
  • Orange Astronaut Blook
  • Pink Astronaut Blook
  • Yellow Astronaut Blook
  • Green Astronaut Blook
  • Haunted Pumpkin Blook
  • Spooky Pumpkin Blook

Wrapping Up

In Blooket, obtaining a chroma is a fantastic strategy to display your achievements and position. Chromas may be obtained in a variety of ways, such as via achievements, events, and trade. So, go out there, earn some chromas, and take your Blooket game to the next level.

In some cases, we have seen that students uses hacks for blooket to obtain the rarest blooks or tokens. But, understand that this is againts blooket terms and policy and it may led to account suspensions. So, do it at your own risk.

We hope that our tips and tricks have helped you understand the different ways to add chroma to your Blooket games. Have fun and happy gaming!

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