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Mythical blooks? Do you want to find out more about mythical blooks in the game Blooket? This guide will tell you what kinds of mythical blook there are and how you can get them.

Our professional team has found the ways to get mythical blooks. You can get them by using best Blookets hack, but it’s better to play the game and use strategies to win tokens so you can earn these types of rare blooks.

We are going to start with ways to get the special blooks in blooket. Read all the way through and you will find out how to earn these all Blooket blooks.


A brief explanation of Blooket and blooks

Blooket is a game where teachers can make questions for their students. Players join the game with a code and answer questions to win coins. There are cute animals called blooks that you can get by winning some events. These blooks are rare and special.

What are mythical blooks?

what is mythical blooks

Definition and rarity of mythical blooks

In the game Blooket, mythical blooks are very special. They are rarer than legendary blooks, but not as rare as epic or common blooks. There are five different tiers of blooks in the game: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. Mythical blooks come between legendary and rare.

Legendary items are less common than mythical items. That means they are more valuable and harder to find. We don’t know how often mythical items appear.

In Blooket, players can get mythical blooks by playing games and earning tokens or by buying them in the market. For example, to get the Lion mythical blook, you need 200 tokens from playing Blooket. Legendary blooks are even more valuable than mythical ones but they are harder to get. Usually you need to win a game or event to obtain them.

How to obtain mythical blooks

To get Mythical blooks, you have to win events. To enter an event, you need tokens. You can get tokens by playing games or buying them in the market.

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You can get special blooks like Legendary blooks if you buy packs or crates from the store. Some of these packs might have Legendary blooks, like the Medieval Pack. It has a 1% chance of having King, the Legendary blook.

Players can try their luck with the Aquatic Box. There is a very small chance (0.2%) of getting the rarest blook, Megalodon, from this box. It might also contain other special blooks such as Baby Shark.

Examples of Mythical Blooks

examples of mythical blooks

Spooky Ghost – The mythical blooks

The Spooky Ghost is a very rare item in the online game Blooket. It has a green color with happy eyes. It can only be found in the game mode Santa’s Workshop and it is one of the hardest items to get because it has a 0.65% chance of appearing.

You can only get a Spooky Ghost if you are very lucky and win the Contest of Candy but this happens rarely.

The first blook with an animated look is called mythical blook in blooket. It is one of two moving blooks on the Blooket website. The other one is called Tim the Alien.

You can buy this special blook at Santa’s Workshop, but it costs 1,000 tokens. So it can be hard to get it! Remember it can be possible if you use this token hacks to get tokens for free and you can then buy your very own mythical blooks etc.

The Spooky Ghost has two different versions. One is just the Spooky Ghost, and the other is called the Ghost Cookie. The Ghost Cookie is very rare, so it takes a lot of work and luck to get one.

The Spooky Ghost Blook is the rarest one in Blooket, but it is still very hard to find. Only three people own it: wat, metella, and AceOfSpadesOG.

Tim the Alien – The mythical blooks

Tim the Alien is a special kind of character in Blooket. It is one of the rarest characters in the game and it is worth 1,000 tokens. You can get Tim as a prize from an event called “Pokemon Are Cool” (PAC). It’s the first character that you can win from this event.

The UFO blook has been changed and now it has an animation of a green alien named Tim. There is also a rotating cow in the middle. You can buy this blook from Okr765 and pnbw, who are the owners right now.

This blook can be unlocked with the Space Pack. It appears in game modes like Fishing Frenzy, Tower Defense, and Factory. You have an 18.75% chance of getting it. You can sell it for 5 tokens.

Phantom King – The mythical blook

The Phantom Blook in the game Blooket is a special item called the “Phantom King” that is very rare. It is given to only the top 2 guilds who win an event called PoP. Only 50 people have it in the game. Mysticals are very rare and can only be won by winning events. The Phantom King is the 3rd mystical blook ever made in Blooket within all Blooket characters.

Blooket has a special book called “The Sandwich” that was not released to the public. It was supposed to be part of the Breakfast Box, and if it were it would cost 75 tokens. But right now, you cannot buy or use it in any game modes.

Hacks to get all mythical blooks in blooket

mythical blooks blooket hack

We do not want you to use hacks or spam bots for your blooket game. That is against blooket rules. Instead, use the strategies we talked about in this post. But, if you just want to have fun, we can give you some cheats for mythical blooks. This will help you get lots of tokens and unlock rare blooks in your account.

Click the link below to get all blooks in blooket and follow the on-page instructions to get these cheats:

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Mythical blooks

Click on the link, copy the script, and follow the in-game instructions.

Comparison with other types of rare blooks

other rare blooks in blooket

Legendary blooks

Legendary blooks are a very rare type of blook in Blooket. They can be found in packs with a drop rate of 0.2% – 1.05%. There is usually one legendary blook per pack, except for the Aquatic Pack which has two and the Breakfast Pack which does not have any.

Legendary blooks are not easy to get in packs, but they come up more often than mythical blooks.

Chroma blooks

Chroma blooks are the rarest type of blook in Blooket, after mythical blooks. You only have a chance of 0.1%-0.5% to get one in a pack. Chroma blooks look different than other blooks because they have special colors. They are not easy to get in packs, but they are easier to obtain than mythical blooks.


Summary of key points

Blooket is a game with educational questions. Players use blooks as their characters, and some of these all blooks blooket are really rare. The rarest blooks are called mythical blooks and only appear once in every two thousand blook packs. Examples of mythical blooks are Spooky Ghost, Tim the Alien, and Phantom. Legendary and chroma blooks also exist but they are easier to find than mythical ones.

Importance of collecting and trading rare blooks in Blooket

Collecting and trading rare blooks in Blooket is fun. You can show off your achievements and compare them to other players. It also makes the game more exciting as you try to get the rarest blooks.

If you have any queries about the mythical blooks in blooket, please comment down below for more suggestions. Thanks for visiting!

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